Sell Your House for Top Dollar

Why Can’t I Sell My House In Bakersfield?

Are you trying to sell your Bakersfield California house but just aren’t having any luck?

Even though everywhere you read, the real estate market is super hot right now, it seems to be difficult to get an offer that sticks?

There are record prices and offers exceeding asking prices everywhere, but where is your contract?

Here are 6 ways to help you sell your Bakersfield home.

Sell Your House for Top Dollar
Get Your House Ready to Sell in this Hot Market

Why can’t I sell my Bakersfield house? – 6 Ways to Sell Fast!

1) Look for the Right Kind of Help

When markets heat up like they are now, investors and agents come pouring into the market looking to get a piece of that action. Unfortunately, many of them have no clue what they are doing, and they end up doing more harm than good. While they may make a few dollars in the process, they can make the selling experience miserable for people that otherwise would have had a smooth transaction.

They don’t understand how to structure or evaluate offers and deals, so they just take what is thrown at them, which is rarely in your best interest. Selling your house will probably be the largest transaction you make in your life, or at least one of the largest. This is not the time to take a chance on new agent that doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Make sure you have access to the best and brightest when getting advice on how to sell your house in Bakersfield.

2) Don’t Over-Improve Your House.

If you are looking to make the most profit by selling your house, then updating your house too much might end up costing your profit dollars. If your primary concern is having the nicest looking house on Zillow, then by all means deck it out. I’m sure your future buyer will appreciate it, but it will certainly not make you any extra money.

Unless there are absolute necessary repairs or cheap and simple cosmetic touch ups that can be done, updating your house for resale is usually not worth the extra money. You might spend an extra $20-30,000 updating only to get an extra $10k when you sell. You end up losing money on that deal.

3) Fix the Deal Breakers.

I know I just said not to put very much money into your property to resell it, but if you don’t at least fix the critical repairs needed on your house, then you could also be leaving a lot of money on the table. Some lenders even require certain things to be fixed before they will authorize their financing for the property. If they refuse, you could be limiting your buyer pool by quite a bit.

Have a professional home inspector do a run-through of your house and see what he thinks needs to be fixed before you sell. If you can show a clean inspection to prospective buyers, they will be much more interested in purchasing.

4) Cleanliness is Next to Location.

We hear all the time that location is the most important factor of purchasing a home. While that may be true, cleanliness if right up there with it. You want to show buyers a clean house so they will feel refreshed when they walk into the house, not gross and creeped out. Make sure you have a consistent and clean design throughout the entire house to create the biggest appeal to your audience.

5) Check Your Price!

If you are having difficulty getting any offers or appointments, you might be asking too much for your house. The market is hot right now, but that doesn’t mean you can charge whatever you want. People are still reasonable, and if you’re price is too high, they will look elsewhere.

6) Everything Can Sell… For a Price!

Given enough time and the right price, you will eventually find the right buyer. The house obviously attracted you to purchase it at some point, so chances are someone else will want the same thing.

Reach out to some local agents and investors and see what they have to say about your property. Investors might be interested to buy it, or maybe even know someone who would be. You might need to compromise in order to sell it, but you can sell just about anything for the right terms and price.

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