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Buyers of Bakersfield | Our Company
Hey everyone, Caleb here with Buyers of Bakersfield.

We’re a local house buying company right here in Bakersfield, California. We’ve helped people sell their house in any situation. And we do that, keeping three things in mind, whenever we do business with somebody.

First, we like to be helpers, not hagglers. So, when you reach out to us about selling your house, we like to help in any way that we can. Whether that’s offering any advice that we have, providing any kind of resources about the market or whatever you need. We don’t want to rush you into anything. We don’t want to hurry you into signing a contract to get you to the closing table, to make a decision that you’re not sure about. We want you to be completely comfortable and confident in whatever decision that you make to sell your house. And, if that means that we’re a good fit to buy your house, that’s great. And, if not, we want to make sure that you’re confident in that too.

The second is, we like to keep it simple and easy to understand for people. Real estate can get really complicated, really quickly. Trying to evaluate repairs, getting inspections done, long paperwork and contracts with all kinds of words that nobody cares about or understands. We like to just break it down and make it very simple for you so that you understand the whole process. And, then you can make a confident decision when it comes to selling your house.

And third, we prioritize people over profit. So, there’s been so many people that we’ve helped. Maybe we didn’t actually end up buying their house, but we were able to help point them in the right direction to sell their house in a way that was right for them. And, that’s what we want to do for you.

So, if you, or anyone that you know is looking to sell their house, please give us a call or a text at (661) 384-7021.

Or you can visit our website at
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